Founded in 1826, the Deshoulières Group is today the leading French porcelain manufacturer, a specialist in tableware products.

Inspired by trends from both interiors design and fashion, Deshoulières deploys within the tabletop porcelain universe a true and elegant spirit of the style that is synonymous with France.

The Deshoulières group has 300 employees, working in 3 efficient and modern production plants located in France. Thanks to the use of authentic raw material combined with advanced technology and all the passion of the production team, we perpetuate ancestral and legendary techniques.

All our products are in genuine Limoges porcelain; they are fired at very high temperatures that ensure the very high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. Non-porous, it neither chips nor cracks, making it extremely hygienic.

Sustainable development is an ever-present core concept in our company and a continuous challenge for all of us with our aim to offer quality in both service and products whilst utilising less resources.
Ecological, our porcelain is produced from chemical additive-free minerals and fired in kilns specially equipped to reduce gas consumption. Our Group takes part in the VEE association…Watch Environment Enterprise, which makes monthly internal checks and reports on the means and obligations we should pursue to enhance the protection of the environment.


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