Open Up Verre Pro Tasting Glass 32 Cl x 6 View larger

Open Up Pro Tasting 32Clx6


Open Up is a line of revolutionary and contemporary designed glasses, which provides an olfactory pleasure beyond measure.

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A pure and absolute transparency
Kwarx ® best expresses transparency and never achieved best performance in non-staining glass.
A perpetual, unmatched shine
His brilliance remains unchanged. Laboratory tested Kwarx ® retains its original brightness after more than 2,000 industrial washes. The resistance in dishwasher increase 4 to 5 times.
Optimum strength
Kwarx ® proved by numerous tests has an excellent mechanical strength, due to its structure and composition, but also to the unique manufacturing dedicated process. Melting between the leg and the gob of glass, for example, guarantees a perfectly smooth surface showing no zone of weakness.


For daily use or casual table: an exceptional value/price.

           Content 32 Cl     Box 6 pieces