ORA-ÏTO : Folding Knife The Samurai for Alain Delon


Ora Ito

Alliance with the futuristic designer Ora Ito and the manufacturing tradition of Forge the Laguiole for an unique piece

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299,00 €

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The matte sheen of the steel magnifies the gentle inclination of the blade. Once the blade is folded, the bee sits by the handle, where the bolsters usually are. In this design, the characteristics of Laguiole knives are respected, and the spirit of the samurai lies within this unique piece.

          The Genuine Laguiole knife entirely made in Laguiole, Aveyron

  • Blade in corrosion resistant polished steel, matte finish
  • White mineral acrylic and matte stainless steel handle
  • Folded lenght : 11,00 cm
  • Comes in grey leather cover