Mat Boho Style 50x75cm View larger

Mat Boho Style 50x75cm

Tapis Kleen-Tex Wash&Dry 050585

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The Wash & Dry Mats are almost a perfect one. They absorb moisture and mud inside and out and are like new after a short stay in the washing machine and dryer. Even after many years!

We recommend to wash separately before first use to 30 °C max with a mild detergent. It is important to build the fibers and turn them on and to remove wrinkles and folds after transport.
After a regulary washing at 40 °C and drying, it shines like new.
Wash + dry mats are the only ones who "aspire to be washed and dried ® " Follow the advices and maintain your wash + dry mat regularly and you will find that it will retain its quality and color for years.

The WMK commitment:
. 5 years warranty
. outdoor use
. extra flat, they came under almost all doors
Only one limitation: do not spread it on a wet or dirty ground!